The Meetings of “Romania literara”

The meetings based on social-cultural topics of “Romania literara” took place at the PROMETHEUS Club in Bucharest (3-5 Natiunile Unite Square, Sector 4), at meetings attended members of the editorial, representatives of civil society, the press and the public interested in the approached topics.

Meetings of the year 2002

March 26 – Culture in the Quotidian Media
April 30 – Official Culture and the Cultural Official Character
May 28 – The Book Fair – Exaggerated Festive Nature or Culture?
October 23 – Pruteanu Law
November 27 – Willing Thaw from the Party (From Dogmatism to “Liberalism” in the Sixties)

Meetings of the year 2003

January 29 – “To be Reviewed, I Accept! But do not Change Anything” (About Literary Reviews)
February 26 – Polemics and Pamphlet – The Ethics of the Literary Disputes
March 26 – Promotion of the Romanian Culture Abroad. With the participation of Mr. Ion Iliescu, President of Romania

Meetings of the year 2004

January 28 – About the Journalist’s Independence in the Elections Campaign
March 03 – The Romanian Literature without Frontiers. Writers from Exile
March 31 – Book Release: “Purpose and Means. Essays on Ideology, Tyranny, Myth” by Vladimir Tismaneanu. Moderators: Nicolae Manolescu, Dan Pavel, Mircea Cartarescu
October 27 – Demonisation of the Elites
November 24 – The Political Speech and the Reality

Meetings of the year 2005

February 02 – A new Ministry of Culture? With the participation of Mrs. Mona Musca, The Ministry of Culture and Cults
March 02 – About the Destiny of Libraries
March 30 – An Evening Cornel Chiriac: 30 Years from his Death. In collaboration with Europa Libera Radio. With the participation of: Emil Hurezeanu, Johnny Raducanu, Harry Tavitian, H.R. Patapievici and Florian Pittis
May 04 – How do we Promote the Romanian Culture Abroad? An event organized in collaboration with the Presidency of Romania, Ministry of Culture and Cults and the Romanian Cultural Institute

Meetings of the year 2006

November 01 – November 1 – Why the writers are not VIP?

Meetings of the year 2007

April 11 – The Dramas of Historical Bucharest. Architectural monuments in danger
October 24 – Copyright. What happens with the editing of classics?