On September 14, 2004, on the Holly Cross Day and on Horia Bernea birthday, ANONIMUL Foundation organized the event: “On Holly Cross Day. Requiem. Renewal.”, intended to draw the attention of the public opinion and the authorities, on the destroy of the Romanian Peasant Museum. The leadership of the museum had decided the elimination of the “Windows” and “Time” rooms. The rooms belonged to the exhibition located on the ground floor, for which the Romanian Peasant Museum received in 1996 the “Award the European Museum of the Year”. Such rooms had been realized by Irina Nicolau (“Windows” representing a re-fortification of the initial exhibition “The cross allover” realized by Horia Bernea). In spite of the protests of numerous intellectuals, the leadership of the Romanian Peasant Museum enforced its decision, by eliminating the rooms. In an article entitled “Vocation of demolition”, Andrei Plesu publicly requested the resignation of the director Dinu C. Giurescu.

Former collaborators of Irina Nicolau and of Horia Bernea organized on the meadow of Kiseleff Blvd. No. 1-3, a one day installation with images and objects from the destroyed rooms, surrounded by rural renewed clothes. During the day, the folk music band from Naipu-Ghimpati performed concerts. The exhibition was opened by Neagu Djuvara and Vintila Mihailescu.

In the evening, movie projections realized in “Windows” and “Time” rooms took place at PROMETHEUS Club (Piata Natiunilor Unite 3-5), followed by a round table moderated by Andrei Plesu. Anca Oroveanu, Ioana Popescu, Razvan Exarhu and Horia Roman-Patapievici talked about Horia Bernea, Irina Nicolau and the Romanian Peasant Museum.

A petition was addressed to the Ministry of Culture and Cults whereby it was requested the reconstruction of the “Windows” and “Time” rooms and that such rooms be declared patrimony assets. The action coordinated by Dragos Bucurenci was successful. The two rooms were reconstructed, Dinu C. Giurascu resigned and after an interim period he was replaced by Vintila Mihailescu.

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