During the years 2003 and 2004 the “PROMETHEUS Classical Music Festival” for Romanian young musicians took place at the PROMETHEUS Club in Bucharest. The ANONIMUL Foundation granted the winners awards of ROL 20 million (RON 2,000), ROL 15 million (RON 1,500), respectively ROL 10 million (RON 1,000).

Year 2003:

Members of the Jury Liviu Danceanu, president
Mihai Cosma
Sorin Marin
Awards First Prise Eugen Tichindeleanu – violin
Second Prise Eduard Zecheru – cello, Renaissance Quartet
Third Prise Mariana Tudor – harp
Mentions Madalina Irina Tudose – cello
Dragos Mihai Dobre – classical guitar

Year 2004:

Members of the Jury Elena Zottoviceanu,
Grigore Constantinescu
Ioana Varsta
Awards First Prise Olga Bianca Manescu -cello
Second Prise Ioana Ruxandra Gereb – violin
Third Prise Sabin Laviniu Penea – violin
Mentions – Brevis Qoartet:
Radu Chisu – violin
Mihai Predescu – violin
Adrian Nica – viola
Mihai Picu – cello
– Sebastian Tegzesiu – violin
– Trio Zamfirescu – guitar
Georgeta Zamfirescu
Stan Zamfirescu
Ionut Zamfirescu

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