Elite Art Gallery

The place where art lovers will always find exceptional artistic objects made by professional plastic artists, exhibiting the gallery’s portfolio of numerous visual art projects, itinerant exhibitions, camps and mecenate programs.

ELITE ART GALLERY debuts under the aegis of the ELITE ART Club Association UNESCO in 2003, with today’s painters in Balchik, a pioneering project on the Balkan camps, becoming a curatorial concept with notoriety and considered one of the most important contemporary art projects.

Supported exclusively from private funds, the project has hitherto involved more than 250 artists, including: Constantin Flondor, Horea Paştina, Mihai Sarbulescu, Ion Grigorescu, Simion Crăciun, Ilie Boca, Horia Cucerzan, Marcel Lupse, Marilena Murariu, George Mircea , Cornelia Victoria Dedu.

The gallery has an impressive collection of works, mainly “Balcic”, resulting from the Piccadilly Creation Camps today in Balchik, a collection for sale, and the funds are used to support the following camps. In addition, as a result of the Bucharest Suvenir project, with three editions: March Souvenir, Bucharest Days and Winter Souvenir, the art gallery exhibits artistic objects that capture the specifics of Bucharest. The Elite Art Gallery promotes personal or group exhibitions, with different themes and valuable works that can be part of any major collections.