“A long time ago, when I was a teenager, I dreamt of spending my nights barefoot on the sand and watching films. Very many films! And in the morning I dreamt of going to the beach and meeting the Sun just as it came out of the Sea.
That's how Anonimul was born! From a dream. And with a lot of luck.
In 1998 I discovered Sfântu Gheorghe, a small and quiet village, with its roads covered with fine sand. A magical place where the Danube meets the Black Sea, with proud people who keep many ancient customs.
And there, at the end of the Sea, among the ponds, canals and reeds, I built the "Film Village". Green Village, with villas, bungalows and cinema halls and Dolphin Camping, with cottages, tents and a huge screen.
Since 2004, Anonimul International Independent Film Festival runs every August in Sfântu Gheorghe for both film and nature lovers. It is a place for meetings, debates and dialogue. A place for dreamers.” SM

Andreas Mihai Cernautan
Tudor Marin