The festival was created at the initiative of ANONIMUL Foundation, which wanted a different film festival for independent films and young directors.

Independent International Film Festival ANONIMUL takes place every August, in Sfantu Gheorghe, in the Danube Delta – a magical place where the Danube meets the Black Sea, a new earth with ancient customs.

Sfântu Gheorghe is an isolated location, broken by the daily environment, being accessible only by air or water, which in August each year receives about 5000 visitors who come especially to take part in ANONIMUL.

It is a small village with narrow streets covered with fine sand, which preserves many ancient customs, a magical place, a disturbing beauty, a new ground for an event dedicated to young people, free spirit, meetings, debates and dialogue.

“Village Village” includes Green Village Complex and Green Dolphin Camping, with all the facilities needed to organize a film festival. Film fans stay in hostels, tents or cottages, watch movies all day in the cinema and all night outdoors on the huge screen in the camping. The complex has an ECO-friendly design that harmonises perfectly with the environment.